A Karate family get together!

25th of Dec was a special day for the folks at Academy of Karate-Do International. It was not just their 36th anniversary of the academy, it was rather a unique get together — with family, friends, near and dear.

Shihan. B. Ramesha and his team get full credits for organizing a fantastic event.

The pre-event comprised of the team-wise segreation of the AKA’s (red) and the AO’s (blue), each taking opposite positions on the arena. The WKF rules were followed for this tournament.The event started with lighting a lamp by members of the academy.  img_1624

This event unlike other competitions was very unique, in that, every  participant would receive a coveted trophy… which looked like this! Hmm… every kid would love to hold such a beautiful trophy for sure!

The idea being–make every child feel encouraged and special. The certificates would differ for the different places. Again, cheers to the Shihan. Ramesha and team for this thoughtful idea; very novel indeed!

The Referees – L to R: Sensai. Santosh Achari, Sensai. Mruthyunjaya, Shihan. S. Shanmugham, Shihan. Annapa Markal, Shihan. Ramesha Balakrishnan, Sensai. Vishal Naik



The fights were organized in the increasing order of the age, starting with the most junior karateka’s through the senior ones.

It was wonderful to see every student at their very best of forms, with parents and friends to shout and cheer for them. The energy, passion, talent and determination shown by the students cannot be described by mere words. It was something that must be viewed to be cherished. Here’s an attempt at capturing the action.

After a sumptuous lunch organized at New Krishna Bhavan party hall, Malleswaram, the event resumed with the senior karatekas fighting it out. One could see sparks fly among both boys and girls alike. If the fights of the little ones elicited many a humourous moments and laughter, the seniors had the audience on the edge of their seats with tensed moments where the points would sway either ways before a winner emerges. The referees did a fantastic job of overseeing the fights, yelling out ‘EME’ for the cease fire, calling out the points accurately and ensuing no mishap during the fights.

After the last of the fights was completed, the day moved on the next event.. honouring the Sensei’s and Shihan’s, with a special vote of thanks to Sensai Niyaz Khatib for his support to the academy.

The next event was a very special one–recognizing the efforts of Shihan. Ramesha’s contribution to the world of Karate. The Sensei’s and Shihan’s lauded his efforts of being relentless in his service, describing him as someone who lives, eats and sleeps karate. Of how, he has come out unfazed through the greatest of challenges in life, but hasn’t given up on karate. Quick facts about Shihan Ramesha, which will leave one baffled–He is over 60 years and can outrun someone half his age, one who received a “Good” comment from a Japanese Grandmaster (which is considered super super difficult!) for his Kata performance.

To honour this great man, the students and staff of Academy of Karate-Do International bestowed the title of “Mahaguru” as a certificate along with a very exquisite Samurai sword. A very befitting honour!

The next event was a complete surprise package, where the karatekas performed breaking of tiles using different forms – chop, reverse chop, punch, elbow, heel and more. All of these had the audience completely hooked. Check out one of the performance in slow motion at this link.

The best of the best was the forehead brick smash by Shihan Ramesha himself. The brick was set on fire, to add to the excitement. Because words cannot describe how this was, here’s a visual….


And last but not the least, the event ended with all the little ones received their own prized trophy.

To view the full set of photos, visit the below link:



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